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Q&A's About Hiring A Personal Chef

Here are some frequent questions that I run into, that I hope will ease the stress of making the decision of hiring a personal chef in Seattle.

Q: How to get ready to do meal preparation with a personal chef?

A: There isn't much to it. Keep your counters and sink as clear as you can for the service. Make sure any glassware was run in the dishwasher the night or morning beforehand or is generally ready to go.

Q: Do I need a nice kitchen for you to cook meals?

A: Absolutely not. I have cooked in apartments, tiny houses, and dated kitchens. Nothing needs to be fancy. I've served filet mignon on paper plates because it was a preference!

Don't worry about your weird heating oven or stovetops, I'll quickly figure it out, and probably won't even trip the smoke alarm! As long as your kitchen works, I'll find a way to make you delicious food.

Q: Do I need to be looking for healthy and whole foods to work with you?

A: Absolutely not. The answer is simply that you're looking for delicious food. I am a chef first and a nutritional coach second. I studied nutrition so I could help those with restrictions and dietary needs have access to yummy food. Don't feel judged if you want Mac and cheese every week, but if you'd like to focus on health, I have got your back too. Basically I want to make food that you want to eat.

Q: What makes this service unique from other personal chefs in the area?

A: You get me, and I'm really hoping you like me. I am not sending you a person I pay $15 to $20 an hour to make your food. I design and make your food. I tailor things down to the sauces and seasonings to work for you.

Can't handle spice? You get true 1 or 0 star Thai cuisine. You don't want sugar? I'll make your sauces with natural or 0 glycemic alternatives. You want tomato sauce, you had better believe there are fresh roasted tomatoes involved. Your Salsa Verde comes from a tomotillo and not from a can. Unless you want that... Then.. Well I'll give you the total canned version. Okay, I'll stop.

Q: Am I right for this?

A: Anyone who doesn't want to cook is right for this. It could be that you love cooking but are too busy, it could be that you hate cooking, or even that it's not a great skill set but you're tired of eating Costco frozen food or out.

It could be that you'd prefer to spend time with your loved ones during an important event like a birthday or anniversary and don't want to be cooking - even just every evening. There's hundreds of reasons.

This is a special experience that doesn't need to be reserved for Jeff Bezos. These are services designed to help real people with lives. Let me do what I love, and you can do what you love in the meanwhile.

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