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Nutrition Coaching

Not in the Seattle area? Not looking for full personal chef service, but need help with what to eat? Have weight loss or health goals that you need to achieve? 

As a certified nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition (trusted by the Seattle Seahawks, Women's Health, The Spurs, and many other organizations), I will help you transform your eating behaviors and getting you on track. No matter how many times you've felt like you've failed - you can do this! 

As someone who has transformed their life with food while battling Chemo, Surgeries, Endometriosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, and fibromyalgia, I am here to help you find healing through food and discover a better way of life. 

My coaching focuses on finding the right patterns and habits for you. It's not about Keto, Meditrannian, or some strict fad diet - although we might steal some ideas. We're here to build real skills that work for your lifestyle and help you live a healthier life. 

Packages Offered

Please contact if interested in services for further details and free consultation. If you are subscribed to the Personal Chef service, please inquire about discounts offered for additional nutrition coach add-on. Prices include tax.  

Weekly Check-In Package

This package is designed for the most hands-on approach. We'll be in contact almost every day with helpful materials, activities to try, homework help and small check-ins. We'll also have a weekly meeting to discuss progress on goals and what to do next.  

$240 per month


Bi-Weekly Check-In Package

Great for someone disciplined and needs more guidance than hands-on. Every two weeks we'll be working on a skill or goal that helps you along your journey. I'll be available through email and text support every day but we'll meet bi-weekly to evaluate how things are going. 

$155 per month


Group Coaching

Coming Soon.  This will be a targeted group with a private Facebook group. We'll be focused on a weekly one-hour meeting and resources, recipes, meal prep help, and all kinds of exclusive health help.


Please contact for a wait list.  

$70 per month 

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