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Personal Chef Services 

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Let's face it, making time to cook nutritious and delicious meals isn't always easy or desirable. Sometimes there isn't even time for a pre-made cooking box, and who doesn't get tired of constant take-out? 

Who is this service for? Many of my clients are busy professionals, families looking to bring time back into their lives, and of course, folks who need extra help with special diets such as Low-Fodmap, Celiac, Chemo, Diverticulitis, Anti-Inflammatory, GERD, or Low-Carb. 

My chef services are designed to help bring stability to your life with fresh or a mixture of fresh and frozen entrees. Taking the stress out of figuring out what to eat and allowing me to ensure nutritious and healthy meals.

All services include custom menu planning, organic/seasonal /local shopping, drive time, and cooking. I also will clean your kitchen after the service to how I found it. 

I will not repeat a dish in a 6-month time-frame unless asked to or if a limiting diet requires it.

Still not sure? Here is an article that might help:
7 reasons why you should KEEP slaving in the kitchen and NEVER hire a personal chef.


Pre-Made Meal Pricing

Not reflective of all packages but are most common. Prices do not include sales tax or specialty groceries. The minimum service fee is $330, including ingredients. Pricing may vary for certain restrictive diets and additional servings. Meals are mostly pre-cooked and only require heating to finish off the package. Quick and Easy! 

12 Fresh Meals

Includes 3 Entrees with 4 Servings of food. Often does not require freezing to enjoy. 

Starting at $375 With Organic Grocerries


16 Fresh Meals

4 weekly Entrees with 4 Servings. These work well for couples and families. 

Starting at $410 With Organic Grocerries


20 Fresh Meals

5 Entrees with 4 servings each. This option offers the most food and value. 

Starting at $460 With Organic Grocerries

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Pre-Prepped Meal Pricing

Pre-Prepped Meals are those that are custom-made but not cooked yet. All the sauces, marinades, spices, vegetable cutting, garlic chopping, and all that time-consuming and not fun stuff is taken care of. 

Meals are designed to pop in an oven and bake, put into an air fryer (if you have one), or simmer in a pot for about 30 minutes. Think of a more sustainable, custom, healthier, local, and seasonally focused box subscription...except you don't have to do nearly as much of the work. Other small preparation might be necessary such as boiling water for pre-seasoned quinoa. 

Included are 16 Meals - 20 meals depending on your preference. Prices start at $12.50 a serving. Pricing does include groceries but not sales tax. 

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