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Located in the Greater Seattle area,

Chef Raina, grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a family of hunters, cooks, and foragers. Today she is focused on personalizing your in-home culinary experience with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients while serving meals with an elevated twist.

For years she has been battling Endometriosis and auto-immune disorders with healing dietary and lifestyle changes. Specializing in dietary or medical needs diets, she is dedicated to using her background as a certified nutritional coach to help you.

Chef Raina offers weekly meal creation services, small in house catering events, virtual nutrition coaching, and cooking classes. Please see services for more details.

P: (206)946-9938  E: WholeHeartedEpicure@Gmail.Com

Boxed Food

Personal Chef Services

Offering Pre-Made Meal Packages ranging between 3 to 10 entrees.

Multi-Course In-House Events

Fresh Green Dip




On-going custom coaching sessions focused on changing lasting habits to meet your unique nutritional goals and needs.  


Private Cooking Classes

These classes are designed to teach you how to cook a fine-dining meal or complete your own meal prep. Group and one on one sessions. Available in person or over Zoom

COVID And Cooking

Keeping You Safe

She is dedicated to following restaurant tier sanitation practices and guidelines to keep your kitchen clean and family safe. Including wearing PPE and using COVID level cleaning techniques with every service. Chef Raina has undergone multiple certifications in food safety and sanitation. She also follows guidelines prescribed by the United States Personal Chef Association and Resuratuns Of America Association for personal chefs.  


Raina has always been an amazing cook. A few years ago I started having gut issues and had to go on the low FODMAP diet. It’s very restrictive and difficult for people to understand if they don’t know about it. Raina still wanted to make food for me and was so sensitive to what I could and couldn’t have. Raina is skilled in the kitchen. Highly recommend her services!


- Emily Willet

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Tel: 206-946-9938  |  Email: WholeHeartedEpicure@Gmail.com

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